One of the most important qualifications to being a motor coach operator is an appropriate attitude.  Recognizing how essential safety is in this profession, a motor coach operator needs to have a positive attitude toward safety.  Risk-taking behind the wheel of a motor coach is unacceptable.

A motor coach operator must be a professional. Motor coach operators are among the most visible employees of Dynamic Tours & Transportation.  The public sees you performing your job, which can result in a perception being formed. It is up to you to help form this perception into one of trust and respect.

All safety issues and concerns are primarily regulated and mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Florida Department of Transportation.   All of our drivers are expected to meet and exceed the minimal standards set forth in the regulations in the FMCSA driver handbook.   We have experienced drivers with million of miles and driving hours combined and the knowledge of all the safety regulations and company policies to assure the well being of our passengers and our employees.  We are always updating and re-educating the drivers on any changes or revisions as they become available.  We also encourage suggestions on how we can improve our safety record.   Our drivers “police” each other on safety issues; they help one another and report those who do not comply to avoid unfortunate incidents.

Here are just a few of the rules and regulations our drivers follow every time they operate our motor coaches:

Motor coach operators shall:

 • Never back up without the assistance of another capable adult.

 • Not to leave the bus unattended when passengers are present.

 • Make sure all aisles and passageways are kept clear.

 • Not to permit animals or potentially hazardous materials or objects in the motor coach.

 • Not to fuel coach while passengers are on the motor coach or while the motor is running.

 • Maintain a neat and clean appearance.

 • No use tobacco on the motor coach and shall not permit passengers to us tobacco on the motor coach.

 • Not to be under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or any drug likely to affect the person's ability to operate the vehicle safely while on duty or within (12) hours before going on duty to operate a motor coach.

 • Allow time for passengers to be seated before putting the motor coach in motion.

 • Perform a complete pre-trip inspection and fill out a pre-trip inspection form.

 • Perform a complete post-trip including a walk through at the end of your shift.

 • Use telephones for emergency purposes only.

 • Adhere closely to the established schedule, and advise dispatch if your schedule is delayed.

 • Keep the motor coach clean on the inside and outside, well ventilated, or heated at all times.

 • See that no more occupants shall be in any motor coach at one time than number of seats provided.

 • Operate motor coach at all times in a safe, reasonable and prudent manner and in accordance with all state and local laws, ordinances and rules.

 • Make sure the motor coach is not used when in an unsafe or semi-safe condition.

 • Secure the motor coach when it is in motion and when parked.

Each driver completes a Driving Safety Interactive On-line course administered by J.J. Keller, the premier safety and management company.



Dynamic Tours & Transportation, Inc is a “drug free” workplace, which requires all perspective employees to pass a pre-employment drug test.  We at Dynamic have a “Zero” tolerance for drugs and alcohol [on duty or less than 8 hours prior to duty] by any employee.

Motor coach drivers are required to pass the pre-employment drug test, and are subject to random drug tests throughout their employment with the company up to four times per year in a blind consortium regulated by a Medical Review Officer not employed by Dynamic.   Drivers must also pass an inquiry into their previous employment drug and alcohol testing as well as their driving records, mainly previous accidents.   The driver will have their motor vehicle record accessed on an annual basis and before employment to ensure they are capable, competent and eligible to operate a motor coach.  The criteria for motor coach operators is established by the insurance company, but generally requires at least two years CDL experience, a clean driving record or minimal points or violations, no suspensions, revocations or D.U.I.’s.  Background checks are completed on several levels; a CDL license cannot be issued to a convicted felon as mandated by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.  As part of the hiring process for Dynamic criminal records, Social Security number verification and multi-jurisdictional criminal history is performed.

Drivers are fingerprinted in association with area school boards to be in compliance with the Jessica Lunsford Act and a level 2 FBI background check is done before the driver is accepted for those counties.  Our drivers have been cleared by Kennedy Space Center security to provide transportation at the launch facility several times over the past years.

Our motor coach operators and CDL mechanics must maintain their DOT physical card, ensuring they are fit to operate the motor coach.  We utilize only one office for this service, in order to maintain the same high level of scrutiny for fitness.  A DOT physical card is only valid for up to two years depending on the age and health of the individual.



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